Most Adventurous Places to go Heli-Skiing

If heli-skiing isn’t adventurous enough, we have searched near and far to find the most adventurous places to heli-ski in the world. These places are set outside the normal realm of heli-skiing. Though the goal is the ski and board down the best powder in a spectacular location these operations are just a bit more exciting and unique then everywhere else.

Whether you have been heli-skiing for years or you are just starting to explore the world of heli-skiing these are the operations to check out! It is worth traveling just a little bit further to explore some of the most exciting places to heli-ski!


Located in the Andes Mountains of Argentina it is the only heli-skiing operation in the Patagonia Region. Taking you deep into the wilderness of the Andes Mountains to explore previously inaccessible terrain. There are still many first descents and exploration to be done in this area. You will be able to explore the spectacular skiing of the Patagonia region. It is worth making the journey to South America for the Southern Hemisphere’s winter. The light powder, incredible terrain, and luxury lodge make Patagonia Heli-Ski a must-do adventure! 

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greenland heli skiing


If you like remote then Greenland is the place for you! Heli-skiing on Greenland’s Eastern Coast is about as remote as you can get. This is a springtime adventure that should not be missed. Greenland is famous for its summit to sea ski runs and uninhabited terrain as far as the eye can see. It is also an opportunity to get a glimpse into the local culture. Brightly colored houses, husky puppies, dramatic landscape, magical fjords, and of course beautiful skiing, all make Greenland an adventure of a lifetime. 

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bella coola heli-skiing

Bella Coola 

Western Canada may be home to the highest concentration of heli-skiing in the world, but at Bella Coola Heli Sports you to head deep in the remote Coast Mountains of British Columbia. With 5 different lodges to choose from scattered throughout their 3.25 million acres of terrain. With that much terrain, there is plenty of exploring left to be done. The deep snow, remote mountains, and epic ski runs make this a truly adventurous heli-skiing destination. 

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last frontier heliskiing

Ripley Creek

Just as the name suggests you are on the final frontier of heli-skiing. Located in the Northern part of British Columbia just along the Alaskan border you will find Last Frontier Heliskiing. Though it takes two flights and ground transport it is well worth the journey. Exploring the remote and otherwise inaccessible peaks of North British Columbia on skis is quite an adventurous experience. 

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iceland heli skiing


There is nothing quite like skiing from the top of the mountain down to the ocean! Iceland is known for its beautiful fjords, spring skiing, and the Northern Lights! Exploring the Arctic Mountains on skis is a unique experience. There are a few places throughout the world where you are heli-skiing until 10 pm! Heli-skiing is Iceland is an adventure of a lifetime! 

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