DPS Backcountry Skis

DPS backcountry ski

DPS Skis, the Best-Ever for All Types of Backcountry Skiing

At Powder Guides our backcountry ski of choice are made by DPS out of Salt Lake City, Utah and right at the base of the famous Wasatch Mountain range. The company was founded on a vision to build the best powder skis in the world, which makes them an obvious choice for anyone passionate about heli skiing or any other form of backcountry skiing.  They are the only skis that are both a sandwich construction and made with pure carbon fiber laminates. This allows for precision construction that results in incredible strength and consistently predictable flex patterns.

When backcountry skiing and ski touring a lightweight ski helps save energy going uphill so that you have plenty left for ripping turns downhill. The unique manufacturing process of DPS skis make them among the lightest on the market without sacrificing performance or strength.

For our heli skiing programs we choose the Lotus 120 that uses convex shaping in the shovel for better planing in deep snow. When we head out for ski touring trips we take the Wailer 112RP which is one of the most versatile skis ever, and includes the new Tour1 construction for a super lightweight ski that you can still charge on.

The commitment that DPS skis has for making awesome powder skis matches the commitment that Powder Guides has for leading unforgettable backcountry ski adventures. Call us today and put both of them to work for you.


DPS Lotus 120, Our Choice for Heli-Skiing

backcountry skisThe Lotus 120 is a classic ski that many have tried to imitate but none can match. The proprietary Pure3 Technology makes it 30% lighter and 30% torsionally stiffer and stronger than conventional ski construction. Even though we’re heli-skiing we don’t want extra weight on our feet and we demand a durable ski with top tier performance. The Lotus 120 is the perfect blend of lightweight and high energy that we can trust on any pitch or snow condition. Its shape is specifically designed for the kind of deep snow that we spend all winter heli-skiing in, with a tapered and rockered shovel that uses Spoon Technology. This is a 3-dimensional, convex shaping at the front of the ski which helps it float even in the deepest snow, and when combined with the pin-tail geometry results in a quick turning ski that can slash turns down the steepest and deepest chutes we can find. DPS skis carbon technology comes from the aerospace industry, so it’s a perfect fit for heli skiing anywhere in the world.


DPS Wailer 112 RP2, Our Choice for Backcountry Ski Touring

DPS backcountry skis  The Wailer 112RP has been called the world’s most versatile ski by Powder magazine, and we think they know what they’re talking about. The 2016 model comes with lower tip and tail rocker to increase stability in mixed snow and provide an even bigger sweet spot at all speeds. DPS is also using a new construction method called Tour1 which results in an even lighter ski for faster, easier ascents but still maintains the high level of performance for full-power downhill runs. Their many years of experience adapting aerospace carbon  fiber technology continues to push ski design further, and makes the Wailer 112RP the best ski touring tool we could ask for. DPS also uses the same base material as World Cup racing skis which makes them slide better for long ski touring traverses as well as slicing down wide open faces.