Greenland is a large island in the Arctic covered almost completely by ice. It is a remote and incredibly beautiful place. The remoteness combined with the local culture and expansive views of mountain tops, fjords, and icebergs floating in the oceans, undoubtedly sets Greenland apart from all other ski destinations in the world. In the last 10-15 years people have begun to heli skiing on this remote and beautiful island. Greenland has brought new adventure and exploration to the heli skiing industry.

The most exciting place for heli skiing in Greenland is on the Eastern coast of Greenland. The heli skiing is situated just south of the Arctic Circle. The highest mountains rise up to 2,000 meters out of the ocean. Most of the mountains average around 1,000 meters and can provide heli ski runs from the tops of these mountains all the way down into the ocean fjords. Spring is the best time the visit Greenland for this epic heli skiing adventure. Many times skiers will find fun corn snow on the steeper south facing slopes and still find perfect powder turns on the north facing slopes. The long spring days (averaging around 10 to 12 hours of daylight!) gives more flexibility for poor weather days. The spring also brings a more settle snowpack, opening more terrain for heli skiing.

Greenland heli skiing

There is a wide variety of heli skiing terrain found in Greenland. From steep couloirs, to open alpine terrain, and seemly endless glacier skiing. Don’t come here expecting any type of tree skiing though, remember you are on an adventure in the Arctic! Another incredible perk to heli skiing in Greenland is the continued exploration. Since the heli skiing in Greenland is still fairly new there is lots of opportunity for exploration and even bagging some first descents!    

Heli skiing in Greenland will not only provide an completely unique heli skiing adventure, but also an incredible cultural experience. The heli skiing is location in the Angmagssalik region. There are direct flights from Reykjavik, Iceland to Eastern Greenland where your heli skiing adventure will begin. This area of Greenland was not settled until the late 18th century. It spends most of the year surrounded by ice, isolating this area. Travel is done primarily through airplanes, helicopter, snowmobiles, and more traditionals ways such as boats and dog sleds. The isolation of Eastern Greenland has truly set itself apart from its Western Coast. There is a difference in language as well as many traditional hunting and cultural aspects remain intact.

Heli skiing  Greenland is truly the whole package. From majestic views, first descents, cultural immersion, and incredible heli skiing. If you love the combination of travel, exploration, skiing, Greenland is truly the place for you! If you are interested in heli skiing in Greenland be sure to check out the Powder Guides website, They have experience organizing heli ski trips all over the world and will work with you and organize your Greenland heli skiing adventure.