TLH Heli Skiing Canada Experience

TLH Heli Skiing Canada

For most of us heli skiing Canada is a dream come true. The smoothest, softest, most untracked powder can always be found by backcountry skiing, but add in the excitement of riding in a high-tech helicopter to transport you to the goods and it just doesn’t get any better. Conjuring up a thought of heli skiing Canada’s western wilderness is all you need to get amped up for the approaching winter season when you can once again get your fill of endless powder.


TLH Heli Skiing Canada

TLH Heli Skiing Canada

Single Group Heli Skiing

There are many places you could go, but TLH Heli skiing’s Canada packages are the most unique heli skiing Canada has to offer. They’ve made their niche by committing to one group per helicopter which means no waiting, pick your favorite terrain, choose the pace you want, and maybe even stretch the day out longer when the snow is particularly light and deep. The pilot and guides only have one party to take care of, so they have the flexibility to modify or adapt their plans to fulfill your deep powder desires. The Signature Package is for 10 guests and 2 guides in a Bell 212. This popular workhorse helicopter is designed for better performance at higher altitudes and maximum safety at low flight levels.  For an even more customized experience get your buddies together and book the Small Group Package for just 4 guests and 2 guides in a smaller, faster Bell 407. Either way, that one heli is focused on getting you the best turns of your life and there won’t be delays when a different group is on a slower timeline.

Unlimited Heli Ski Vertical

Maybe you’re one of those people whose thoughts drift toward the desire for more runs, more vertical, and more spine-tingling drop zones. High speed lifts at the local area are nice and everything, but they can’t match the 186 kmh (115 mph) cruising speed of your personal helicopter. Not only is it fast, but it lets you take advantage of the unlimited vertical that is standard in all the TLH Heli skiing Canada packages.  That’s right. All the vertical feet you can ski is included in the package price. This way you can use your energy for more turns and not have to sweat additional charges. After all, you’re here for heli skiing and you should be able to relax in the knowledge that you’re not running up a powder tab. So when the snow keeps falling and the home office is doing just fine without you, tack on some time and don’t worry about breaking your budget.

Heli Skiing Lodge

When the daylight ebbs and it’s time to settle in for the night and recover in anticipation of the next day’s exploits, there’s no better place than the Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa. This is no ordinary log cabin. Renovated in 2010, the home of TLH Heli skiing Canada provides spacious rooms and are designed to provide the peace and comforts you need to wake up each morning ready to ski.
Shredding powder is the reason you’re here, but that doesn’t mean your body needs to feel hammered. Soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi and let your lungs enjoy the crisp Canadian air while your legs recover. Or if you want a different kind of revitalizing oxygen you can settle in to a eucalyptus steam bath or detoxifying infrared sauna. There are also highly trained staff on hand to provide a variety of body work treatments, from deep tissue massage to gentle, relaxing energy work.
Have we mentioned the food? The morning kicks off with a large buffet where you can load up on your breakfast favorites.  Lunch in the mountains includes hot soup and fresh espresso, and then once you’ve had all the fun you can handle for a day, come inside and dive into a dinner of western cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients and designed to keep you heli skiing British Columbia’s world famous snow with endless energy.

Awesome Heli Ski Location

Is there a heli skiing Nirvana where we can experience all this? Yes, TLH heli skiing Canada found just the place between British Columbia’s Coastal Mountains and the Fraser Plateau in the South Chilcotin Range. They have 830,000 acres to choose from which includes open alpine runs at higher elevations and endless tree skiing for variety and accessibility on the days that the weather brings more snow in. The permit area includes a large amount of long, rolling glacier runs which offer fantastic skiing and impressive up- close views of massive ice cliffs and jagged blue-green crevasses.  When you’re heli skiing Canada’s rugged mountains in this vast area there’s always one more ridge, another glade, or an extra special place that the guides can take you to.
Maybe you’re not very familiar with Canada and it seems like a huge roadless expanse. Great news!

TLH heli skiing Canada is one of the closest operations to a major international airport, and is easily accessed by ground or air. For some variety in your vacation it would be simple to combine a trip to Vancouver or Whistler before or after your backcountry skiing voyage. In fact, they even have a fully customizable Whistler Combo package so you can do a couple of warm up days charging around the Whistler Blackcomb mega-area.
Let’s Make it Happen

Start the process today of making this experience a reality. Heli skiing Canada’s famed mountains doesn’t have to remain a dream or distant thought for the future. Powder Guides makes it easy to put the logistics together and TLH heli skiing Canada is absolutely the best value with their twin policies of single group skiing and unlimited vertical. In the famous words of Warren Miller, “If you don’t go heli skiing this year, you’ll just be one year older when you do.”

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