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Everything that we’ve ever read on ski conditioning and preparing for a ski season in a Ski magazine or on the web has always focused 90% on Ski Specific training, with no attention given to the teaching of the basics.
We’ve been blinded by the sport we are training for and suddenly feel that if the movements in the gym don’t replicate the movements on the ski hill that they won’t work.
The majority of what we have seen in magazines and on the internet is Ski Specific training focusing on balance and plyometrics, without focusing on the the Fundamental Movement Mechanics.
Its a bit like being obsessed with the second floor of a house without caring about the foundation you put down to build it on.
So tell me what is the point in getting you to squat on a Bosu holding a med ball if your basic body weight squat has your knees caving in together and is unstable in the first place?
The point of training is to improve your performance on the hill while reducing the risk of injury. This  way of training Ski Specific before Movement Mechanics is not the best way to develop strength or as an injury prevention strategy.
The best and safest ways to develop Functional strength (strength you can use through movements your body is designed to perform). Is to focus on the Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull. If we strengthen these movements we can apply that strength to whichever dynamic movement our sports demand off us.
This reduces the risk of injury as we are using our joints ligaments and muscles in the way the body is supposed to move.
In our next blog we will explain more about our Foundation of Movement Mechanics.
Written by
Turner Moyse Programmer and Co Founder of Train 2 Ski
Stephanie China Co Founder of Train 2 Ski and Ex ACMG Assistant Ski Guide
Instagram @train2ski
Photo credit @eye_b_long