Tyax Lodge & Heli Skiing: The Most Underrated Heli Ski Operation in British Columbia

tyax lodge heli skiing

Since the inception of Canadian Mountain Holidays in 1965 heli skiing has spread throughout Western Canada. The highest concentration of heli skiing in the world is located in Western Canada. There is a wide range of locations and different heli ski programs: ranging from day heli skiing operations to the full week long remote lodge experience. It is the best way to explore the remote areas of British Columbia and to ski untouched powder. Each operation is a slightly different, offering different packages, and in different areas throughout Western Canada. Tyax Lodge may not be the first heli skiing operation that comes to mind, its location and programs offered makes it unique and totally underrated.

First, the location: Tyax is located between the Coast Range and the Chilcotin Mountains with 830,000 acres of skiable terrain. With a tenure this expansive there is plenty of skiing for everyone. There are wide open, bowls, huge glaciers, steep alpine terrain, and beautiful tree ski skiing. The location is the most important because you could offer to best heli skiing deal in the world, but if you don’t have world-class skiable terrain it doesn’t matter.

Now what really sets Tyax Lodge & Heli skiing apart from all of the other operations in Canada is the single group heli skiing. At most heli ski operations you are sharing a helicopter with at least two other groups sometimes even three. At Tyax lodge heli skiing each group has their own helicopter! This means less waiting and more skiing. Having one group per helicopter provides much more flexibility in the ski program and access to more terrain. It also means that each group has two guides. At other heli skiing operations you would have to pay top dollar for your own private helicopter and two guides, but not at Tyax. The week long programs offered at Tyax have a similar price point to other heli skiing operations with multiple groups sharing the helicopter.   

Another way that Tyax lodge heli skiing stands out from other heli skiing operations is the unlimited vertical program. Other operations offer a guaranteed amount of vertical for the trip. When you reach that vertical and want to ski more than there is an additional cost. At Tyax if the skiing is good you just keep skiing. No extra cost. No questioning whether it is worth the extra money to keep skiing, you just go! The lodge is located on a picturesque lake on the edge of the Chilcotin Mountains and is mountain luxury accommodation. The food is deliciously prepared by an executive chef serving gourmet picnic lunches and fine dining dinners. There is a spa, hot tub, and massage therapists, that would rival most 4 star hotels,  to help you relax after a long day in the mountains. The lodge is located a short helicopter ride from Whistler and convenient drive from Vancouver making it one of the most accessible heli ski lodges in all of Western Canada. All of this is why Tyax Lodge & Heli Sking stands out from other heli skiing operations in British Columbia. Check it out and see for yourself! For more information and booking details: