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Greenland is the largest island in the world that is not a continent with the majority of the island located above the Arctic Circle. The ski touring in Eastern Greenland is considered to be one of the last frontiers of ski touring. It is a difficult place to reach, but the solitude and remote pristine mountains make it well worth the effort. There are few places in the world that in order to access the ski touring you are required to take a plane, a boat, possibly a snowmobile, and even a dogsled. This is a truly unique ski touring adventure. You will have a glimpse into the life in a small fishing village in Eastern Greenland as well as exploring the area around a remote mountain hut.

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LOCATION: East Greenland
PRICE: 4500.00 (Euro)

 Ski Touring Greenland,

The journey begins with an international flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to the small international airport of Kulusuk in Eastern Greenland. The journey then continues by boat to the small fishing and hunting village of Kuummiut. After spending a night here the adventure continues with a 5 hour dog sled ride to a remote mountain hut located on the edge of the Karale Glacier with ocean views.

The hut will be the base for the next five days of ski touring. This location provides many different options for ski touring. There are steep couloirs, beautiful steep open faces, and mellow glacier runs surrounded by the wild Greenlandic mountains. There is plenty of exploring to be done and first descents to be had. Springtime in Eastern Greenland consists of long periods of high pressures with cool temperatures and low pressure systems coming in from the NE. With the long days it is common to have spring like condition on southerly aspects and powder skiing on northerly aspects giving more variety to the skiing.

Eastern Greenland is still considered a incredibly wild, and remote place of the world. It is important to be aware of this and recognize that conditions can change very quickly. Being flexible with daily plans is extremely important. The isolation and wild mountains of Greenland is also what makes it such an unique ski touring destination.

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Ski Touring in Eastern Greenland is the ultimate exploration of the untouched wild mountains of Greenland. The landscape is spectacular and the culture is wonderful. If you are looking for a true ski tour adventure off the beaten path with a huge variety of incredible skiing and beautiful views join us in Greenland!