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Bella Coola Heli Skiing

Bella Coola Heli Skiing is located among the striking and remote Pacific Coast of British Columbia. The rugged peaks offer a brilliant blend of natural landscapes and majestic views. Bella Coola offers the most expansive heli- skiing terrain in Canada averaging 20-30 meters of snow each season. Long glaciated ski runs in the impressive Pacific Coast Mountains provides an unforgettable heli-skiing experience. Bella Coola offers ski programs at four different lodges, Tweedsmuir, Pantheon, Eagle, and Foster’s Heli Ski Ranch, this allows us to find the program that best fits you. The solitude and incredible beauty combined with vast amount of terrain and small group sizes sets Bella Coola Heli Skiing apart.

Program Details

LOCATION: Bella Coola, BC
DATES: Runs Jan to Apr
DURATION: 3-7 Day Programs
PRICE: Contact Us


Your adventure to Bella Coola begins with a small commercial flight from Vancouver over the remote Coast Mountains of British Columbia. From above you are given a glimpse into the expansive 2.64 million acres of heli ski terrain Bella Coola has to offer.  Surrounded by majestic and rugged peaks Bella Coola Heli Skiing stands apart from other heli skiing operations in Canada due to its sheer size and beautiful remote location.

Once your plane touches down in Bella Coola the staff is waiting for your arrival and to help you get skiing as soon as possible. Bella Coola heli skiing is unique because you get to heli ski not only the day you arrive, but also the day you leave.

Bella Coola’s sole focus is on the Small Group Experience. Smaller group size allows for more flexibility, group cohesiveness, and the possibility to explore the vast terrain Bella Coola heli skiing has to offer. Bella Coola is known for having the best alpine heli skiing terrain in Canada.  The broad range of ski packages available are designed to help you pick the best heli ski adventure for you. Packages are available for 3,4,5,6 or more days to fit your schedule. Bella Coola has four incredible backcountry lodges spaced strategically throughout their tenure to provide access to a wide variety of their immense terrain. Each lodge has specific programs to ensure you find the heli skiing adventure of your dreams. Bella Coola’s small group sizes and dedication to high standard of service provides an incredible heli skiing adventure in one of the most breath-taking areas of Canada.

Let Powder Guides help find the program that best fits you! Whether you looking to improve your steep skiing skills or you have been dreaming of long glaciated runs through impressive mountains we can find the program right for you.

Tweedsmuir Lodge


Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is the original Bella Coola Heli Skiing Lodge providing incredible access to the 2.64 million acres of heli ski terrain. The lodge is located in Great Bear Rainforest on 60 acres of private land and only 150 meters from a pristine fishing river. Tweedsmuir is one of the Magnificent 7 – Luxury Lodges of Canada and is considered the “ultimate wilderness retreat”. The lodge is surrounded by incredible views and beautiful ski lines. There is a maximum of 18 guest per week, perfect for a large group to book the entire lodge, or a great size for smaller groups to get to know one another. The lodge has nine private chalets with en-suite washrooms and complementary internet. The main lodge provides a dining space where gourmet meals with an impressive selection of fine wines is served, and plenty of space for socializing. Amenities at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge include a 12 person hot tub, a small work out room, a game room, TV lounge room, massage room, and a traditional tepee style sweat lodge. Tweedsmuir Park Lodge provides the perfect combination of luxury and excitement in the remote Coast Mountains.   

There are a variety of heli ski programs that are offered at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

(With 4 guests and 1 guide per group):

  •  Classic Vert
  • Heli Lite Vert
  • Exclusive Private
  • Exclusive Semi-Private
  • Speciality Hel Ski Safari
  •  Rod and Ski


If you are looking for a different heli ski experience look no further than the Pantheon Heli Ranch. Pantheon is surrounded by many massive unexplored peaks in the Coast Range. The lodge is strategically placed so that the ski terrain surrounds highest peak in British Columbia, Mt. Waddington. This is one of the wildest and most remote areas of British Columbia. Accessibility into this area is still very hard. Imagine first decents and exploration through new and exciting terrain. This area is heavily glaciated and is perfect for long ski runs in the alpine. The Lodge uses a 205 helicopter so all eight guests are able to ski together during your stay. Gather seven of your best ski friends and explore this remote area of the coast together. The lodge is a working cattle ranch and provides eight single occupancy rooms. There are three rooms in the main lodge, a two-bedroom riverside cabin, and a new three-bedroom cabin.  Amenities include a river side sauna, wireless internet throughout the property, a sports bar, and a massage room. The lodge provides delicious homemade bread and pastries as well as gourmet meals with much of the food provided by the ranch. The food will pair well with selections of fine wine offered at the ranch. Book the entire lodge so it’s just you and your friends exploring all of the incredible terrain Pantheon Heli Ranch has to offer.

Pantheon Heli-Skiing is the base for Bella Coola’s Private exclusive heli-ski program, designed for only 8 skiers in the lodge and helicopter at a time. Imagine sharing 1.1 million acres of amazing terrain between only 8 guests!! And then add that to the use of a private lodge with 8 private rooms, private guides and delectable meals every day.

The Pantheon ski terrain includes Mt Waddington, British Columbia’s highest peak and is nearly inaccessible without the trusty team at Bella Coola. And when the day is done and you are ready (or not so ready), you can kick back at the White Saddle Ranch, a pioneering cattle station, as classic as it gets in the classic cowboy region of BC.

Eagle Lodge


Taking it all to the next level, to remain one of the most unique product mixes in the business Bella Coola offers authentic big mountain skiing, catered to you. This isn’t about private lodges and luxurious bedsheets, this is about turns, deep, long, steep and dry. Based from Eagle Lodge, you can make sure that you get what you want.

Eagle Lodge is located in the small town of Hagensburg, BC. It is a unique lodge set in a magical location. The lodge only allows for 8 guest, meaning there are just two groups sharing one helicopter. It is a perfect place to escape with a small group and concentrate on the incredible amounts of alpine terrain waiting for you to explore on skis. Eagle Lodge is home to Bella Coola’s speciality programs such as the steep skiing program or the heli assisted ski touring program. Eagle Lodge is also the only Bella Coola Lodge that provides a Semi-Private Program for the price of the Classic Vert Program. Besides providing unique heli ski programs Eagle Lodge has recently been refurbished making sure all of the important comforts of a larger heli ski are available. Each room includes on en-suite bathroom and the lodge provides an outdoor hot tub, Free wireless internet, and a comfortable common room for games. There is also a massage room to take advantage of after a long day of skiing. The dining room is an intimate setting perfect for gourmet meals with an incredible selection of fine wines. Eagle Lodge is a perfect location for a group of friends or a great place for small groups to meet like-minded skiers. Let Powder Guides help you plan your next heli ski adventure at Eagle Lodge!   

Fosters Heli Ranch

Foster’s Heli Ski Ranch:

The newest addition to Bella Coola’s list of accommodations is Foster’s Heli Ski Ranch. Similar to Pantheon Heli Ski Ranch Foster’s is set in the remote terrain surrounding Mount Waddington with the possibility of many new first descents. This is an ideal lodge for a small group looking to ski some exciting new alpine terrain. The lodge only holds four to five guests, making it Bella Cool’s most exclusive lodge. Foster’s Heli Ski Ranch this the most exciting private small group heli ski adventure. The small group size and one helicopter makes it easy to tailor the heli skiing to your group. Being at Foster’s Ranch gives you the ability to explore the furthest reaches of Bella Coola’s massive heli ski tenure. Foster’s Ranch Lodge provides an idyllic setting on a working ranch in the remote Coast Mountains. The lodge provides four bedrooms, one with an en-suite washroom and another washroom shared among the remaining bedrooms. The lodge also provides complimentary satellite internet. There is a large living room with a stone fireplace perfect for relaxing after a long day of heli-skiing in the mountains. Let Powder Guides help you plan your epic small group heli adventure at Foster’s Ranch today!


Why Book

Bella Coola Heli Skiing’s remote location in remarkable terrain provides an incredible heli skiing experience. The small group sizes and the unique ability to ski on your arrival and departure day sets them apart from other operations. Bella Coola Heli Skiing provides an unforgettable heli skiing experience in an outstanding setting with impeccable service and professional guides.

Let the Powder Guides team of professional ski guides coordinate your Bella Coola heli skiing experience. We will utilize our immense experience to help choose the program that fits your specific needs. Let us organize your adventure down to the smallest detail.