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Greenland Heli Skiing

Greenland Heli Skiing offers an unique arctic heli skiing adventure. The combination of the remote untouched terrain, wildlife, and local culture makes heli skiing in Greenland unlike other heli ski operations. The days are spent making long ski descents from the top of mountains rising out of the North Atlantic down to the iceberg filled ocean. The evenings are filled by being immersed in the local culture creating a truly authentic Greenland experience. The spring provides long days perfect for exploring the untouched and expansive wilderness on skis. The variety of terrain includes jagged peaks, perfect couloirs, and long glaciated ski runs. Greenland heli skiing offers extraordinary terrain in a spectacular setting.


LOCATION: East Coast, Greenland
DATES: April- May
DURATION: 7 days
PRICE: Contact Us



The heli skiing in the Ammassalik region covers an area of approximately 250,000 square kilometers and many of the mountains rise from islands that are scattered among the fjords. Heli-skiing is never crowded, but Greenland heli skiing is a particularly remote adventure. You’re skiing in a country with the lowest population density in the world, so fresh, untracked slopes are easy to find and just waiting for you to leave your ski signature all over them. This is a place where you can still make a first descent and then name the run you just ripped down. April and May are some of the best months for heli-skiing in Greenland because the snowpack is deep and stable, and the daylight is lengthening to give you plenty of hours to shred the smooth spring corn.  Knee deep powder is also on the menu and you can ski almost anything you see because the coastal snowpack isn’t prone to high avalanche danger.


Greenland heli skiing provides every type of terrain you could ask for. Steep chutes and couloirs etch their way down some of the jagged peaks. Other mountains have sharply pitched routes that wind their way past rock outcroppings and gullies until they open onto broad finishing slopes that bring you to the pickup zone. There are also plenty of low angle runs down the glaciers and through mellower valleys. In short, the options span the whole spectrum of difficulty and will satisfy your desire for whatever amount of adrenaline you’re after. The mountains aren’t terribly high, roughly 2000m (6500ft), but often you can ski that vertical clear to the ocean’s edge which means the average heli-ski run is about 1000m (3300 ft). One thing you won’t find while heli-skiing in Greenland is tree skiing, it’s just too far north. The lack of trees allows for beautiful views, makes it easy to scout your next line, and leaves plenty of room for everyone to spread out and get their own freshies.


There are several programs available that the Powder Guides staff can help you choose from. The packages vary in number of days, the amount of flight time included, and the number of skiers per helicopter. As part of the planning and booking process we ask a lot of questions to make sure that we create compatible groups that will have a great time on the mountain, in the heli, and at the hotel.

Quick Stats

Location: Kulusuk Island, southeast Greenland

Tenure: 250,000 square kilometers

Group Configuration: Varies, call us so we can customize for you

Vertical: 800-1,100 meters (2,400-3,500 feet per run)

Average Snowfall: Annual average of 1200 centimeters (500 inches) of snow

The Program


Heli skiing in Greenland is not your average heli skiing vacation; it’s a unique adventure to a beautiful country of traditional culture and environmental extremes. The powder starts at sea level so it’s easy to measure the length of your runs that start from the top of the rugged mountains which rise out of the ocean. The fast and quiet B2 Astar helicopters are in stark contrast to the long-established Inuit villages that they fly over on the way to another perfectly pitched ski run.


There is a huge variety of terrain to choose from on the islands in the Ammassalik region of southeast Greenland. You can ski tight, narrow chutes after warming up on steep, open mountain faces. There are routes that wind past rock outcropping and cliffs before smoothing out for a high speed race to the helicopter. If you prefer rolling glacier descents or wide moderate valleys those are easy to find as well. On most runs you’ll be able to see icebergs floating in the blue-green water of the fjords and as you ski to the water’s edge their size is much more impressive than when viewed from the mountain summits.

The spring months of April and May are a great time to heli skiing in Greenland because the snow is deeper on the glaciers and more stable on the peaks. The Arctic sun is also shining much longer, giving the opportunity to catch the best conditions during longer ski days. Endless runs in smooth spring corn snow are one of the best features of Greenland heli skiing.


The groups and programs for our Greenland sessions are custom made and we work hard to combine expectations and abilities into cohesive teams. Total number of days, the amount of heli time, and the number of skiers per helicopter are all dependent on fitting the desires of the guests for that session. Call us for more info and we’ll help put together the best option for you.

The Kulusuk Hotel is our peaceful home base and is well furnished but not elaborate. The dining room might become your favorite place of all, partly because of the large buffet meals, but mainly due to the fabulous views of the fjords and the sea ice floating in the water. From the many windows you may even be able to pick out some of your ski runs for the next day. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay including a souvenir shop and a well stocked bar.

This area of Greenland is below the Arctic Circle but is still subject to predictably cold and wintery weather. Average temperatures during the winter months range from -7 to 0 degrees Celsius (20-32 Fahrenheit) and a breeze is almost always blowing. However, there are also times when a high pressure system comes off the Greenland Ice Sheet, and it can be wind free and sunny for days in a row.


One of the most unique parts of Greenland heli skiing is experiencing the culture of this isolated country. Our hotel is a 20-30 minute walk to the town of Kulusuk which still functions as a hunter gatherer community, even using dog sleds for hunting, and is a very interesting place to visit. With enough pre-planning we can also arrange an overnight trip to a small Inuit village and get a firsthand experience of their society. If the weather prevents the heli from flying, there is very good ski touring right outside the doors of our hotel, and we have rental gear available so you don’t have to bring your own.

If you’re ready to take on this adventure, give Powder Guides a call today and let us make the arrangements easy for you. Air access to Greenland connects through Iceland and generally requires an overnight stay in Reykjavik. We’re familiar with the complexities of travel in this region and will make sure your schedule allows for a smooth journey. We can also coordinate additional days in Iceland, and make arrangements for activities there before or after your heli-ski week.


Why Book

Heli skiing in Greenland provides a remote arctic adventure. This program is truly unlike any other heli-skiing in the world.  Heli skiing in Greenland provides incredible skiing in a stunning landscape. Spending time in traditional villages provides a unique cultural experience not normally found through heli-skiing. The mountain top to ocean shore ski runs and views of the northern lights make for a truly exciting Greenland heli ski adventure.

Let Powder Guides help you make this dream trip a reality. Due to the remoteness of  heli skiing in Greenland this is a logistical heavy trip. You can rely on our experience to make the process as smooth as possible. Let us sort out all the details and make a customized trip that works for you.