Iceland Heli Skiing

Heli-Skiing in Iceland operates on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland surrounded by stunning fjords and endless skiable terrain. The Arctic Mountains rising out of the ocean creates an unbelievable setting for heli-skiing. Throw in the Northern lights, midnight sun, volcanic activity, hot springs, and a unique Viking culture and there is no denying that Iceland is a true adventure heli-skiing destination. Perfect for that skier who seeks an unconventional trip with travel, culture and natural wonders.


  • Location:

    Troll Peninsula, Iceland

    Airport: Akureyri Domestic via KEF

  • Program:


    4 & 6 Days

  • Group Size:

    4 Guest / 1 Guide


Heli-Skiing in Iceland is unlike skiing anywhere else in the world. Skiing from mountain summits to the ocean shore, steep couloirs, long open glaciers, and first descents, are all a part of the Icelandic heli-skiing adventure. The vast terrain covers nearly 1,000,000 acres of breathtaking Arctic mountains. The variety of terrain is perfect for all different types of skiers. The snow can range from fresh powder to perfect spring corn snow. The long days allow you to maximize your skiing, and even get a chance to ski under the famous midnight sun! Iceland is full of stunning views, magical fjords, and long scenic heli-skiing runs, making it an incredible heli-skiing destination! 

Iceland Heli-Skiing offers 4 day and 6-day packages with semi-private or private groups, based on your preference and travel parameters. Powder Guides will create your Icelandic itinerary, demonstrating our expertise and familiarity with this remarkable ski destination.


The mountains in Iceland rise out of the Arctic Ocean creating an unbelievable heli-skiing experience. Skiing 1,200-meter runs from the top of one of these mountains to the ocean floor is a truly unique experience. There is no tree skiing found in Iceland, but the alpine terrain is unbelievable! Iceland is a skiers paradise with skiable peaks in all directions. The coastal snowpack allows for a more stable condition, which is perfect for steep skiing in the alpine. If steeps are not what you are looking for there are a multitude of wide-open bowls and long glacier runs just waiting to be skied. The incredible amounts of varied terrain, majestic mountains, and beautiful skiing make Iceland and must do heli-skiing adventure!


Iceland Heli-Skiing has a variety of different options depending on the group size you are interested in. The classic program has 3 groups per helicopter with 4 people per group. The Premium program is 2 groups per helicopter with 4 people per group, and a Private program is a group of 4 with 1 helicopter. The most exclusive program is the “Ring of Fire” which is 3 guests in 1 helicopter with 2 guides allowing for more exploring and skiing the most remote areas.

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Iceland Heli-Skiing is a destination that is unlike any other; it is more than just heli-skiing; it is unparalleled in its charms and it offers something truly spectacular and far from ordinary. From the unique Viking culture to steep ski lines, and descents from mountain top to the ocean, Iceland provides the ideal heli-skiing adventure. 

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