Iceland Heli Skiing

Iceland Heli Skiing operates on the Troll Peninsula in Northern Iceland, where we offer an incredibly exciting adventure of first descents, skiing from the brink of the towering peaks to the edge of the ocean. The vast terrain covers nearly 1,000,000 acres of breathtaking Arctic mountains. With varied terrain, from extreme couloirs to wide-open glaciers, there is skiing to suit every skier’s ability. Throw in Northern lights, the midnight sun, volcanic activity, hot springs, lava fields and a unique Viking culture and there is no denying that Iceland is a true adventure skiing destination, perfect for that skier who seeks an unconventional trip with travel, culture and natural wonder.


  • Location:

    Troll Peninsula, Iceland

    Airport: Akureyri Domestic via KEF

  • Program:


    4 & 6 Days

  • Group Size:

    4 Guest / 1 Guide


Iceland Heli Skiing offers 4 day and 6 day packages with semi-private or private groups, based on your preference and travel parameters. Powder Guides will create your Icelandic itinerary, demonstrating our expertise and familiarity with this remarkable ski destination.


Heli-skiing in Iceland offers an extremely unique journey from mountaintop to oceanshore. With 1,000,000 acres of skiable land, Arctic Heli skiing focuses on searching for exciting new runs among epic views and incredible snow, with 3000 foot runs from the top, right down to the Arctic Ocean. A dynamic setting with majestic peaks and a myriad of terrain features over the massive tenure is ideal for exploration and could give you the opportunity to claim first descents on steeps that have not yet been skied by visitors before.


Iceland Heli Skiing offers 2-3 groups per helicopter with up to 12 skiers in the semi-private program, and single group skiing with 4-8 guests at a time in their private program. With the small group configuration that Powder Guides prefers to send our guests on, this is a great set-up based on your needs as to the smaller or larger group, as per your budget, group size and service needs. Ask us for more info!

Why Book

Iceland Heli Skiing is a destination that is unlike any other; it is more than just heli skiing; it is unparalleled in its charms and it offers something truly spectacular and far from ordinary. Match a multi-day Iceland heli skiing trip just below the Arctic Circle with a lodge on an Ancient Sheep farm, volcanoes, a midnight sun and some Viking heritage and you have got a lot of stories, photos and videos to bring home.

If you are traveling to heli ski in Iceland , we can maximize your trip to add-on any extras that you want, either in Iceland or along the way. Let us know what you dream of and we will make it happen for you.

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