Last Frontier Heliskiing

Very few can come close to the sheer size of Last Frontier Heliskiing’s permit area.With 9,500 square kilometers (2.2 million acres) of terrain to choose from, and an average snowfall of 25 meters (81 feet) you have endless opportunities to lay first tracks. When you’re heli skiing Canada’s incredible peaks you want assurance that you’ll get the best experience possible. Last Frontier Heli Skiing has committed to only offering small group skiing which keeps you on the terrain you like and moving at the pace you prefer. Combine this with their vertical foot guarantee and you know that you’ll get the fantastic skiing you anticipated. With a base in two different mountain ranges you have an opportunity to be heli skiing British Columbia’s famed Skeena Mountains or the inviting glaciers and tree runs of the Coast Range.

Program Details

LOCATION: Bell 2 & Ripley Creek, BC
DATES: Runs Jan to Apr
DURATION: 4,5 & 7 Day Programs
PRICE: Contact Us


Last Frontier Heliskiing Can’t be Matched

Last Frontier Heliskiing offers three main packages plus a fully customized Private Tour option. The Powder Guides team will help you select the program that matches your unique desires for a heli skiing adventure. The Bell 2 Lodge and Ripley Creek Inn each have a distinct personality, and if you just can’t decide there’s even a Lodge to Lodge Safari program that combines extra backcountry skiing with a helicopter commute to get you from one lodge to the other.


Anytime you’re heli skiing Canada’s mountains it’s unlikely that you’ll feel limited by the terrain choices, but Last Frontier Heliskiing may have found the true Utopian playground for backcountry skiing. Partly because of the enormity of their fly zone, but also their location in northern BC insures consistent snow cover on the high elevation glacier runs and soft, deep powder on the diverse tree runs lower down. Run length averages about 2,700 vertical feet, and the longest routes stretch for over 6,000 v/feet. The two locations have slightly different characteristics, with Ripley Creek serving up more long, rolling alpine runs and Bell 2 providing a collection that’s nearly impossible to categorize.

Group Configuration

One of the foundations that Last Frontier Heliskiing is built on is only offering small group heli skiing tours. This means a maximum of 4-5 guests in the heli so that they can be better matched for pacing and terrain selection. The small group principle provides greater flexibility for you and the guides to build the best ski day possible.

Quick Stats

Location: North of Smithers and Terrace, British Columbia (two bases)

Tenure: 2.2 million acres

Mountain Range: Skeena Mountains and Coast Mountains

Group Configuration: 3 groups of 4-5 people per helicopter

Vertical: 900-2,000 meters (2,500-6,000 feet per run)

Average Snowfall: Annual average of 25 meters (75 feet) of snow

Bell 2 Lodge


The skiing at Bell 2 is virtually limitless and truly offers every type of terrain you could possibly desire. Classic, wide open glacier runs that seem to go on forever are its specialty, but there’s more to it than that. You’ll fly to routes that start in sparse, rugged trees which then evolve into mature evergreen forests, protecting the snow from wind so that it stays soft for days after a storm. You can flow down endless rolling alpine descents with smooth contours and curving wind lips to play on. And then there are runs that combine all of the above features between the drop zone and pick up point.

The Last Frontier Heliskiing tour at Bell 2 Lodge only offers small group skiing, which means 3 groups of 5 guests in a small A-Star B2/B3 helicopter. By keeping the groups small we’re able to keep you ripping on the terrain that you came for, and also minimize the wait time on the hill. Like all Last Frontier Heli Skiing packages you’re guaranteed 100,000 feet / 30,500 vertical meters.

When the rotors stop spinning and you trade your high performance ski boots for the comfort of après’ footwear, Bell 2 Lodge is the place to be. With state of the art facilities including satellite communications, it’s a Canada Select 4 Star hotel placed in the beauty of the remote Canadian wilderness. You’ll stay in your own log chalet complete with internet, a fireplace and private bathroom, just a short walk from the main lodge. These aren’t the simple cabins of the gold rush days. Each is a well-appointed house that makes up this modern heli skiing village. The large buffet breakfast and evening meals are all served in dining room of the central lodge of the Bell 2 village. The talented chef knows the best way to prepare meals from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Last Frontier Heliskiing is located in a zone that has excellent weather patterns for great powder skiing. The temperatures are cold but not extreme, typically ranging from -5°C to -20°C (23°F to -4°F). This results in a lot of snow falling and the average depth is around 15 feet (4 meters) with over 20 feet (6+ meters) often found at higher elevations. Remember they have an enormous permit area of 2.2 million acres so they’re able to find the best aspects and micro-climates if the period between storms stretches a bit longer than usual.

If the name seems unusual to you here’s a little history. Bell 2 Crossing was built in 1979 and earned the name because it’s the second bridge crossing over the Bell Irving River. When Last Frontier Heli Skiing began operating in the late 1990’s they changed the name from Crossing to Lodge so that it sounds more like a place that you would want to hang out at for a week in the winter. The Bell Irving River Valley has a rich First Nations culture built on the history of a people dependent on natural resources for their existence. The same incredible snow that presented them with challenges to survival will provide you with legendary tales to pass on to your friends back home.

The Powder Guides team can help you plan a smooth journey to this remote sanctuary. Daily flights connect from Vancouver to Smithers, and ground transportation from Smithers to Bell 2 Lodge is included in the tour price. Adding a day of sight-seeing or resort skiing is easy to arrange and we can offer suggestions to customize your experience.

Ripley Creek

Last Frontier Heliskiing at Ripley Creek Inn

The rugged terrain that Ripley Creek serves up is not for just anyone. Although we run the risk of alienating some people with that statement, we also think it will appeal to the folks who enjoy some extra challenge and adventure in their heli skiing. This place is for those who enjoy an extra dose of adrenaline with their powder, and it comes at you from all angles. Long leg burning glacier runs and wide open bowls with multiple fall lines will get you energized. Follow that up by squeezing down narrow gullies with plenty of curves and chokepoints. If you still haven’t had enough there are plenty of steep tree runs that require a sharp focus to snake through the openings in the mature forests and open glades.

The Last Frontier Heliskiing program at Ripley Creek is only available for small groups and requires that everyone is an expert skier. This program is limited to just 2 groups of 5 guests per helicopter, so the pace will be high just like your stoke factor. If you’ve been staying on top of your fitness program and want some hard core heli skiing, this is the place for you.

Keeping in line with the straight to the point skiing, the accommodations here are more along the lines of restored rustic, rather than elegant luxury. The historic character of each room has been brought up to date and features the normal standards of private bathrooms, wifi, satellite TV, etc. The meals are served at the Bitter Creek Café which has a décor reminiscent of its mining town heritage but food that is prepared by modern day experts. The diverse menu has plenty of tasty options including some of the best salmon and seafood you could ever hope for.

Last Frontier Heli Skiing is located in a zone that has excellent weather patterns for great powder skiing. The temperatures are cold but not extreme, typically ranging from -5°C to -20°C (23°F to -4°F). This results in a lot of snow falling and the average depth is around 15 feet (4 meters) with over 20 feet (6+ meters) often found at higher elevations. Remember they have an enormous permit area of 2.2 million acres so they’re able to find the best aspects and micro-climates if the period between storms stretches a bit longer than usual.

If you happen to have a day when the mountain is reloading (i.e. snowing too hard to fly a helicopter), there are an assortment of interesting activities to help you pass the time in Stewart. Check out the museums for a refresher on the famous Yukon Gold Rush, or stop in at a few of the bar and grills to see what the locals have to say about living in a powder paradise. A more active alternative is fishing on the Portland Canal which has the distinction of being the world’s fourth longest fjord and provides exceptional saltwater fishing.

If this version of heli skiing in Canada sounds like what you’re after, the Powder Guides team can bring it all together for you. There are flights between Vancouver and Terrace B.C. daily, and the tour price includes ground transportation from Terrace to Stewart. With the variety of attractions in the area, an extra day in town may be the perfect addition to this Last Frontier Heliskiing package, and Powder Guides can smooth the way for these types of arrangements.

Heli Safari


Last Frontier Heliskiing has two locations to base your heli ski trip from, and maybe the decision of committing to one or the other is just too difficult. There’s an easy solution, choose both and connect them together by linking creative heli drops with fantastically remote ski runs. There’s no sand in this safari, just plenty of deep, white powder to travel through.

This unique heli ski tour is only available for 3 groups of 5 guests in a small A-Star B2/B3 helicopter. Like all Last Frontier Heliskiing packages you’re guaranteed 100,000 feet / 30,500 vertical meters, but you’ll probably cover more total terrain than any other program out there. You basically get two world-class heli skiing locations in one incredible week of powder skiing.

Start the week with the luxury of Bell 2 Lodge and its immense selection of terrain options. Smooth glacier fields and rolling high alpine terrain. Tree runs through small, medium, and large evergreens that are spaced in whatever density you desire. Variety is the name of the game at Bell 2 and the guides know just how to find the best aspects that hold the deepest pockets of fresh snow.

The accommodations for the first four nights are in the individual log cabins at Bell 2 Lodge. Although it’s remote, it has state of the art facilities including satellite communications, and a Canada Select 4 Star rating. The luxurious chalets are linked to the central lodge and dining room by snow covered walkways so you can star gaze after a fulfilling dinner prepared by the local chef.

Midway through the week you’ll spend a day progressing steadily southward as you ski and fly to Ripley Creek over 65 kilometers away. While the terrain and weather are similar, you will notice an increase in the challenge factor that will re-energize your heli ski tour. The pitches here are a little steeper, the gullies seem to shrink into narrower channels, and the alpine runs stretch on a bit longer to add some extra burning in your quads. Keep your vision focused on the white spaces as you slice through the deep powder that fills the tree runs on the lower flanks of the mountains.

The lodging at Ripley Creek Inn is fully modernized but still holds a rustic flavor and historic charm. Your meals at the Bitter Creek Café will be some of the best memories of the trip, with a diverse menu that includes outstanding salmon and seafood from the nearby Portland Canal.

Bell 2 lodge and Ripley Creek are situated in two different mountain ranges, the Skeena’s and the Coast Mountains respectively. Although there aren’t dramatic differences, the Lodge to Lodge Safari allows you to experience a broader cross section of the Canadian wilderness. The weather patterns over the entire 2.2 million acres of Last Frontier Heliskiing tenure create excellent powder skiing conditions. The temperatures are cold but not extreme, typically ranging from -5°C to -20°C (23°F to -4°F). This results in a lot of snow falling and the average depth is around 15 feet (4 meters) with over 20 feet (6+ meters) often found at higher elevations.

This safari leaves the challenge in the mountains and not in the planning or logistics. All the ground transfers between Terrace, Stewart, and the two lodging villages are covered in the tour cost. The Powder Guides staff is here to keep the rest of your travel simple and customize your trip to exactly match your desires. We can help coordinate your flights and arrange additional activities on the days before or after your heli skiing tour.


Why Book

Last Frontier Heliskiing’s incredible size and two distinctive locations position it as one of the best options for heli skiing Canada’s world renowned powder. The Lodge 2 Lodge Safari Tour is a unique program of skiing and flying between the two deluxe bases. Last Frontier Heli Skiing makes a point of hiring people that are just as passionate about backcountry skiing as you, plus they have lofty qualifications and experience.

The Powder Guides staff will take the time to answer all your questions and be certain that you get into the package that’s the best fit for you. We’re also here to take care of the details and make your travel as effortless as skiing untracked powder. Airport transfers, extra hotel nights, or a bonus day of resort skiing is the type of thing we specialize in organizing so that your trip is the relaxing vacation that you dream about.