Tyax Lodge & Heli Skiing

Tyax Lodge & Heli skiing utilizes more than 830,000 acres of varied ski terrain over two mountain ranges in the BC wilderness. North of Whistler, Tyax Lodge provides a perfect location for Canadian heli skiing, combining a remote, wilderness base with easy accessibility from Whistler and/or Vancouver. By combining single group skiing with unlimited vertical (which means that you will never pay anything additional, no matter how much you ski), Tyax Lodge has carved out a creative niche that is unlike any other heli-ski operator worldwide. It is perfect for the skier who wants a multi-day heli-ski adventure with all of the works, big ski days, incredible landscapes, amazing lodging, dining and service, and of course, huge bragging rights.

Tyax Lodge & Heli skiing offers several packages, from the Signature program with 3- to 7-day stays, to an exclusive small group program, to the most luxurious Platinum Private package, in which you really get it all. Powder Guides is here to navigate through your ski wish list to select the Tyax Lodge Heli skiing package that meets the combination of your requirements. We will tailor the trip dependent on companions, budget, availability and level of service to create a truly world-class experience that suits the new or avid heli-skier.


LOCATION: Goldbridge, B.C
DATES: Runs Jan to Apr
DURATION: 3-7 Day Programs
PRICE: Contact Us


Just beyond the world famous resort of Whistler, in the Southern Chilcotin Mountains lies a tenure of nearly untouched and untraveled terrain that offers not only incredible skiing, but a unique, remote ski destination experience.

Starting from the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, the drive along the Sea to Sky Corridor is a drive that everyone should have the opportunity to travel. Landscapes of the Pacific Ocean with the towering Tantalus mountains will get your adrenaline pumping in anticipation for the adventure ahead. Passing through the Outdoor Capital of Canada, Squamish, the resort of Whistler, and the small town of Pemberton, 30 km north of Whistler, you will already see the reason that this is one of the most world-renowned destinations for winter sports. And if you don’t want to drive, you can fly from Vancouver and see it all in aerial view.

The TLH team will be waiting in Pemberton to greet you and get you on your way to the lodge. Weather permitting, all guests will enjoy a spectacular 25 minute flight from Pemberton into the lodge, watching the Coastal Mountains cross over into the Chilcotin Mountains. Day 1 is for travel, lodge orientation, paperwork and safety briefings to get you ready to go heli-skiing, first thing the next morning. You can enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi and Spa, play some pool, have a beverage, get to know the group and enjoy your first meal of many outstanding dishes by the TLH team of chefs.

After a full breakfast and stretch class, the guides will get you together to get out into the mountains. This is the moment. The countdown all comes to that initial sound you hear when the blades of the helicopters start turning for a day of heli-skiing. Focused on finding the best conditions, the guides will take you out to any part of the 830,000 acre tenure and show you what you came for. Lunch is served in the mountains and each day after skiing, après ski is served in the lounge and bar.  Enjoy massage treatments and body work, or some relaxation in the Jacuzzi, infrared sauna, wood sauna, or eucalyptus steam room.

When it all comes to a bittersweet end, you will return to the lodge at lunchtime and prepare for departure.  Air transfers depart from the lodge back to Pemberton, followed by a land transfer to Vancouver, seeing it all again in reverse.

Get the package that suits you and your group, we can help you get the right package.

The Signature Package flies with only 10 people and 2 guides in a helicopter, with only one group. You can join in with other heli-skiers or you can build a group and fill the heli yourself. 4, 5, and 7 day packages ski a half day on the last day with air transfers after a half day, the 3 day package skis 3 full days and leaves by land after skiing.

For a more intimate adventure, there is a Small Group program with only 4 people and 2 guides in a helicopter, with only group. If you can build a group of 4, and you want the more exclusive experience, this is for you.

For the ultimate luxury, inquire about the Private Platinum Package to get your own chalet, your own service team and the highest level of personal care in addition to the incredible single group ski program.

If you don’t want to just pass by Whistler, we can make that happened too. Whistler Combo packages are very popular and for good reason. Completely customizable, we can arrange your full package to get to Vancouver, spend a few days in Whistler and then join the TLH Heliskiing Program.

ALL packages are UNLIMITED VERTICAL so that you have no calculations, no sitting out runs, no budgeting, no thinking about the numbers. Just ski. TLH backs up the Unlimited Vertical program with a VERTICAL GUARANTEE to ensure that you get the most for the least without any risk.  Refunds are available for lack of skiing because of weather or mechanical failure.

Why Book

Tyax Lodge & Heli skiing’s location, accessibility, range of product, combination of unlimited vertical with single group skiing and remote, high-end lodging, make it a perfect choice for skiers who want to experience a full wilderness skiing holiday. The combination of contemporary log lodge, full spa, fine dining, comfortable guest rooms, with a great all-around heli skiing experience make it a kind of all-inclusive of heli skiing without the free booze.

Let your Powder Guides team coordinate your needs to make sure you get the right package and have your personal guide along for the ride when you experience the Canadian heli-ski adventure. Powder Guides works with TLH Heli skiing every season and have the relationships to match you with the program and group that work best for you.

If you require any assistance with the rest of your trip, we can help with that too. You could combine a multi-day stay at Tyax Lodge Heli Skiing with a multi-day stay in Whistler. Or maybe you want to check out Vancouver for a few days, or you just don’t want to deal with your flights. Don’t. Powder Guides will do it for you. Combine Tyax Lodge and Powder Guides and let the sense of simplicity start your countdown to ski season.