East Greenland Heli-Skiing

The helicopter lifts off, sending a cold blast of snow as it climbs higher and higher into the sky. As the sound of it slowly fades away and you start to look around at the surrounding mountains you can’t help but be impressed. The landscape is dramatic: the mountains rising out of the ocean, frozen fjords, bluebird skies, and skiable terrain as far as the eye can see. The days of travel that it took to get to Eastern Greenland are easily forgotten as the guide gives the directions for the first run of the day. This is not the typical heli ski operation that you will find in Western Canada. There is no luxury heli ski lodge, but the skiing is unparralled. You will find yourself skiing from the top of peaks down to the ocean, steep couloirs that will make your thighs burn deep in the remote, wild untamed mountains of Eastern Greenland.
Though there are not any direct flights from North America to Greenland it isn’t quite as difficult to reach as you would think. Most people fly direct from North America to Iceland and then continue on to Greenland. Once arriving in Eastern Greenland a helicopter becomes your main means of transportation. Despite the long journey it is well worth the adventure. The accommodation is quaint, but comfortable. Sampling some of the local cuisine and fusion food is always a treat. Staying in a Greenlandic village really gives you a chance to be immersed into the local culture. Greenland is unlike any other place in the world: beautiful, and wild.
When the weather cooperates the skiing is unbelievable. The snow will range from spring like conditions to powder skiing depending on the day and the aspect. Floating effortlessly down open bowls with floating icebergs and ocean views is a truly unique experience. Sometimes you can even spot a polar bear from the helicopter! There are few places in the world where heli skiers are still making first decents. There is nothing quite like making a first descent down a steep couloir in the remote wilderness of Greenland. The days in the Artic are long and most the of time your legs give out long before the daylight comes to an end.
Greenland is a spectacular place, but it still a remote destination in the Artic. The remoteness and pristine environment is also a large part of the attraction of heli skiing in Greenland. It truly feels like some of the last unexplored areas for heli skiing. It is a true heli skiing adventure!

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