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Backcountry Skiing Hakuba, Japan

Backcountry skiing in Hakuba, Japan is powder skiing unlike anything you have ever experienced. Hakuba is located in the Japanese Alps making it an incredible lift accessed ski touring destination. Backcountry skiing in Hakuba is unique because of its easy access to deep powder and amazing terrain. Japan is known for endless amounts of snow and perfectly spaced tree skiing. Hakuba offers access to the steep rugged backcountry of the Hilda Mountains. If you are looking for steep chutes or wide open glade skiing Hakuba offers a little bit of everything. Let our experienced guides help you explore incredible skiing Japan has to offer.


LOCATION: Hakuba, Japan
DATES: January / Feb 2019
PRICE: $4500.00 (CDN)



Deep, cold, powder and mystical deciduous forests are what Japan backcountry skiing is all about. The Hakuba backcountry averages 10-11 meters of snow each season and it falls in that light, dry way that makes Japan powder skiing so famous. The Hakuba backcountry lies within the yukiguni which refers to any place with deep, heavy snowfall. Combine lots of snow with birch tree glades and you get the Japan backcountry skiing experience that you thought only existed in the movies.

Hakuba is in the heart of the Japanese Alps and provides a home base for some of the best lift accessed backcountry ski touring Japan has to offer. Our experienced staff will guide you through the enormous variety of terrain and select the best routes to match your abilities and the current conditions. The Hakuba backcountry is a magical place and you may find that Japan backcountry skiing will change your life in a powderful way.

The Hida Mountains of this region provide a huge variety of terrain to choose from. There are unique ridgelines and distinct summits which offer open alpine terrain at higher elevations and wide spaced tree skiing lower down. This topography creates the most incredible ski touring Japan can deliver. We can show you the way to , steep chutes, cliffs, and spine lines on big mountain faces. Or we can float effortlessly across undulating terrain filled with rollers, natural half pipes, and endless perfect glades.

The Powder is Calling You

The Area

About the Area

Our plan for ski touring Japan in 2016 brings us back to the beautiful Hakuba valley in the Nagano prefecture that is about 3-4 hours from Tokyo. The Sea of Japan, roughly 30 km to the west provides the moisture to create the much sought after powder that falls on the 3000+ meter peaks above town.

The valley incorporates 10 ski resorts, over 200 runs, and 139 lifts sprawled across every imaginable aspect and terrain feature. Our lift pass will give us options to ride chairs at eight different ski areas to access the best Hakuba backcountry conditions of the day. There are also tours that we can start from the roadside and completely avoid the lift systems, although the resorts are rarely crowded.

Lodging, Food, and Après

Our accommodations are in the Morino Lodge which provides a pleasant blend of traditional Japanese hospitality along with familiar western comforts. It’s large, Japanese style lounge is surrounded by windows which view more of the beautiful hardwood forest similar to what we ski in. Naturally, sushi and sake are on the menu in the evening but there are plenty of other options including pizza and Mexican fare at the nearby restaurants.

One of the treats are the many hot springs (onsen) in the valley where you can relax and recover after spending the day in the Hakuba backcountry. Hakuba tourism shows many of the local options, as well as a five step description of how to enjoy the onsen. The 400 year old Matsumoto Castle is also close, and a tour of it can easily be combined with a visit to the Daio wasabi farm for a sample of wasabi ice cream if you’re adventurous.

Logistics / Costs


Cost and Logistics

Price: $4500 Canadian (no GST tax) – This includes guiding, accommodation, transportation in the Hakuba valley, lift passes, breakfasts and dinners, and logistical support. It does not include your airfare to Japan or ground transport from Tokyo to Hakuba.

Airfare: You are responsible for your flight costs. Expect about C$1000-$1250, but fares can be a few hundred dollars more or a bit less, depending on when you purchase and where you transit through.

Tokyo-Hakuba travel: There are a variety of ways to travel within Japan. Contact us so we can help with these logistics. Expect C$200- 300 to get from Tokyo to Hakuba and back again.

Food: Breakfast and dinner are included in the trip price. You are responsible for lunch on your own and any afterhours food or drink.

Other costs: Additional activities and entertainment such as onsen hot springs, karaoke, or cultural shows are at your own expense. In general, Japanese prices are only slightly higher than urban Canadian costs.

Equipment & Terms


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Why Book

Hakuba backcountry provides endless skiing in deep, light powder. From the perfectly spaced tree skiing to the steeps of the Hilda Mountains Japan provides an epic ski touring adventure. The variety of terrains allows for each day to be an unforgettable experience. Combine this all with the local Japanese culture and cuisine and you have a ski touring trip of a lifetime.

Let Powder Guides show you why we keep coming back to Hakuba, Japan. We can customize your Hakuba backcountry adventure and help you with all travel arrangements including hotels and airport transfers. Leave the details to us so that you can enjoy your ski holiday!