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Backcountry Skiing Hakuba, Japan

Backcountry skiing in Hakuba, Japan is powder skiing unlike anything you have ever experienced. Hakuba is located in the Japanese Alps making it an incredible lift accessed ski touring destination. Backcountry skiing in Hakuba is unique because of its easy access to deep powder and amazing terrain. Japan is known for endless amounts of snow and perfectly spaced tree skiing. Hakuba offers access to the steep rugged backcountry of the Hilda Mountains. If you are looking for steep chutes or wide open glade skiing Hakuba offers a little bit of everything. Let our experienced guides help you explore incredible skiing Japan has to offer.


LOCATION: Hakuba, Japan
DATES: January / Feb 2019
PRICE: $4500.00 (CDN)


Deep, cold, powder and mystical deciduous forests are what Japan backcountry skiing is all about. The Hakuba backcountry averages 10-11 meters of snow each season and it falls in that light, dry way that makes Japan powder skiing so famous. The Hakuba backcountry lies within the yukiguni which refers to any place with deep, heavy snowfall. Combine lots of snow with birch tree glades and you get the Japan backcountry skiing experience that you thought only existed in the movies.

Hakuba is in the heart of the Japanese Alps and provides a home base for some of the best lift accessed backcountry ski touring Japan has to offer. Our experienced staff will guide you through the enormous variety of terrain and select the best routes to match your abilities and the current conditions. The Hakuba backcountry is a magical place and you may find that Japan backcountry skiing will change your life in a powderful way.

The Hida Mountains of this region provide a huge variety of terrain to choose from. There are unique ridgelines and distinct summits which offer open alpine terrain at higher elevations and wide spaced tree skiing lower down. This topography creates the most incredible ski touring Japan can deliver. We can show you the way to , steep chutes, cliffs, and spine lines on big mountain faces. Or we can float effortlessly across undulating terrain filled with rollers, natural half pipes, and endless perfect glades.

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Hakuba backcountry provides endless skiing in deep, light powder. From the perfectly spaced tree skiing to the steeps of the Hilda Mountains Japan provides an epic ski touring adventure. The variety of terrains allows for each day to be an unforgettable experience. Combine this all with the local Japanese culture and cuisine and you have a ski touring trip of a lifetime.

Let Powder Guides show you why we keep coming back to Hakuba, Japan. We can customize your Hakuba backcountry adventure and help you with all travel arrangements including hotels and airport transfers. Leave the details to us so that you can enjoy your ski holiday!