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Whistler Heli Assisted Ski Tour

Whistler Heli assist ski touring is perfect for you if you are looking for a bigger ski tour day. A helicopter is used to access more remote alpine areas without the long approach. The day will begin with a long ski decent from where the helicopter drops us. From there will have a full day of ski touring deep within the mountains with the option of a heli pick up at the end of the day. The assistance of the helicopter gives us the opportunity to explore more terrain than in a normal ski tour day while still being able to enjoy the serenity of the mountains. Whistler Heli assist is a great way to ski tour in an area not normally accessible in just one a day.

Program Details

LOCATION: Whistler, BC
DATES: Runs Jan To Apr
PRICE: Contact Us

Combining helicopters and ski touring provides the opportunity to have a bigger ski tour day in more remote areas. The helicopter will drop us off on the top of a run for an exhilarating start of the day. Being dropped off high will allow us to maximize our time spent in the alpine. After the first decent we will continue the day by exploring the terrain on our skis. There is a large variety in terrain options ranging from high alpine glaciated runs, large alpine bowls, steep couloirs, and excellent tree runs.

By flying into the desired terrain we are typically able to ski 5000 – 7000 ft of vertical throughout the day. Yet, we still are able to enjoy the quiet remoteness of the incredible terrain while exploring on skis. This program can be customized to suit different abilities whether you are looking for a slower paced days enjoying the Coast Range or if you are looking for a bigger vert ski touring day. There is also the option to have the helicopter pick us up at the end of the day avoiding the long valley bottom ski out. Let Powder Guides use our many year of experience in the Coast Range Mountains to design the perfect Whistler Heli Assisted Ski Touring day for you!

Why Book

Whistler Heli Assist will help you achieve those long successful ski touring days in the remote terrain north of Whistler. Long descents in varied terrain will make this ski touring day exciting. Knowing that isn’t a long valley bottom ski out makes Whistler Heli assist even more intriguing.

Let Powder Guides take you on a new ski touring adventure. We will cater to your ability and design a Whistler Heli Assist program that will provide fantastic ski touring. Powder Guides will use local knowledge to coordinate this an exciting day of Heli Assisted ski touring for you!