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Iceland Sailboat Ski Touring

Iceland Ski Touring by Sailboat, A Paradise for Purists

Ski touring in Iceland is always incredibly unique, but combine it with living on a sailboat and around the clock whale watching and you may feel like you’ve been transported to a new planet. The rugged treeless landscape offers limitless access to ski lines that range from tame, to tight and gnarly. Then recover from each day’s adventure by lounging on the only vessel that can transport you to more of the same for the next day.

  • iceland ski touring

Location Details

AVG VERTICAL: 900m /2700ft

Iceland Sailboat Ski Touring

The fjords of Iceland are famous for their beauty, but they are also the best (and only) way to access the primitive powder that falls in this ski touring paradise. There are no roads, towns, or even people on much of the north coast of Iceland, which means that it’s quite likely you will make first tracks on a slope that’s never been skied before. The lack of vegetation makes ski travel hassle-free and provides long range views that are inspirational while both skinning and sailing.

The Powder Guides team can help you select between two different sail and ski Iceland voyages. The Glacier Fjords Sailboat ski touring adventure takes you to the very remote mountains of the West Fjords of Iceland on board a 60 foot custom yacht. To retreat further back in time, the Ski to the Sea Schooner package will have you learning the ropes on a 19th century replica oak fishing vessel. Either way, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience of sailing and ski touring Iceland’s white wonderland.

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The Iceland sailboat ski touring program are profoundly unique trips that combine sailing and ski touring in Iceland. A particularly unique country in its own right. Imagine hut to hut touring, except the “hut” can motor to a whole different location while you relax overnight. The season starts later and runs well past the end of most North American skiing, which allows you to be in good touring shape so that you can reap the benefits of nearly non-stop daylight and endless spring skiing on soft corn snow.

The Powder Guides staff is here to answer all your questions about traveling to this remote country, and what’s involved with the unusual combination of boating and skiing. They can also take care of the details for traveling within Iceland such as airport transfers, additional excursions, or a bonus day of resort skiing. Call now to plan the ski and sailing trip of a lifetime.