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Iceland Ski Touring

Ski touring in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. The rugged mountains drop right into the Arctic Ocean and the treeless views of mountain peaks go on forever. This is a place that still has plenty of unskied terrain where you can be the first person to ever slide across a virgin slopes. Backcountry skiing is always an uncrowded adventure, but backcountry skiing in Iceland takes pristine powder to a whole new level.

Iceland Ski Touring is Truly Unique

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DATES: Apr/ May 2016
PRICE: $2800.00 (CDN)


Iceland Ski Touring, It Feels Like a Different World

The Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland offers ski touring that can’t be replicated anywhere else. In the late season you can ski at any hour of the day or night under the rays of the Arctic Sun. There are non-stop runs that start from the top of a mountain and end on an ocean beach of volcanic black sand. The coastal snowpack is exceptionally stable, and combined with the lack of trees this makes route finding both low stress and filled with opportunity. If something looks interesting you can hike over and claim it as your own. There are vertical descents of up to 1500 meters (5000 feet) and slopes that range from mild to wild. You can skin to the top of a peak for a shot down narrow couloirs, or drop off the ridgeline earlier for a smooth ski down rolling terrain.

The season runs much later than most Northern Hemisphere skiing, starting in late February and running to early June. This means your ski fitness will be well developed and you can take advantage of Iceland’s spring ski touring which is a bit of a specialty. Consistently good weather, long days of constant daylight, and ego-boosting corn snow are a recipe for the trip of a lifetime. If you plan a date earlier in the winter for your Iceland backcountry skiing trip, you can trade the ever-present sun for the beauty of the Northern Lights. Winter weather in the Arctic can be exciting with little protection in the treeless landscape, but not as bitter cold as you may think with averages ranging from -4 to 2 above Celsius (20-35 degrees Fahrenheit).


About the Area

The Troll Mountains or “Trollaskagi” are located on the peninsula of the same name between the West and East Fjords of Iceland and rise up to 1400 meters (4500 feet). Although that isn’t particularly high, they are barely below the Arctic Circle, and receive plenty of snowfall. Many of the rugged mountains are capped by small glaciers, giving you the possibility of skiing one glacier on top of a peak, and then another one at the bottom of the run until it drops into the sea. Iceland straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and scientists call it “geologically active” which results in many active volcanoes and geysers. Ski touring in this volcanic terrain is pleasantly predictable while still offering endless variety. The steep peaks gradually mellow to moderate flanks and vast, open faces. Narrow chutes open onto broad slopes and then form wide gullies to play in. High, steep ridges soften into smoother, round shoulders.

The Troll Peninsula’s name reflects the legend that deep in its mountains is where the last surviving troll was found in a cave and killed. This may or may not be true, but it’s a good excuse to explore all over the majestic expanse and see if you can find this final resting place.

Akureyri is the largest city in northern Iceland and the jumping off point for back country skiing in the Troll Peninsula. The smaller villages still reflect the deep Icelandic traditions of farming and fishing, and offer a rustic, rural experience. The town of Dalvik is just minutes from our lodge and provides opportunity to connect with the locals, many of whom make their living in the fishing industry supported by the East Fjord.

Lodge & Dinning

Lodging, Food, and Après

Accommodations are in the Karlsa Lodge, which is the only ski in ski out ski touring lodge on the Troll Peninsula. Imagine hut to hut skiing, only you’re coming back to a fully renovated 1920’s house with classic Icelandic architecture and completely modern facilities. There’s even a former cow shed that has been transformed into a workroom for tuning and waxing your gear. Staying at Karlsa will constantly remind you of the incredible experience of ski touring in Iceland. From the lodge you have fantastic views of the East Fjord and the Arctic Ocean, where you are able to ski right down to the shoreline and watch the waves come in. This is a family operation and you’ll feel right at home in the large dining room and comfortable lounge as you refuel on a hearty dinner of home cooked food. Seafood, lamb, and dairy products are the staples of the local cuisine and are all prepared in savory varieties.

After a full day of ski touring in Iceland you’ll be happy to take a soak in one of the geothermal pools in the area. Volcanoes and inter-continental plate shifting is what created the fabulous mountains that we ski on during the day, but they also result in the hot springs and pools that we can relax in during


All packages include guiding, dorm style accommodation, transportation from Akureyri and to/from ski tour drop off points, breakfast lunch and dinner, entry fees to geothermal baths, emergency and glacier travel equipment. You are responsible for your flight costs and can expect about C$1200-$1500, but fares will vary depending on when you purchase and where you transit through. All meals are included in the trip price, from dinner on arrival day to lunch on departure day. You are responsible for any after hour’s food or alcoholic drink.

The Powder Guides staff can be of great assistance in answering all your questions to be certain that you get the package that’s the best fit for you. They can also take care of the details to make your travel as effortless as skiing untracked powder. Airport transfers, extra hotel nights, or a bonus day of whale watching is the type of thing we specialize in organizing so that your trip is the vacation that you dream about.

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The Powder is Calling You

Iceland’s powder skiing is like a trip back in time and will inspire you with its simplicity. Even the name of the Troll Mountains conjures up thoughts of a different era, a time when epic travels across frozen landscapes were more commonplace. Make plans today to enjoy the world class ski touring that Iceland has to offer, and experience a legendary adventure.