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Iceland Ski Touring

Ski touring in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. The rugged mountains drop right into the Arctic Ocean and the treeless views of mountain peaks go on forever. This is a place that still has plenty of unskied terrain where you can be the first person to ever slide across a virgin slopes. Backcountry skiing is always an uncrowded adventure, but backcountry skiing in Iceland takes pristine powder to a whole new level.

Iceland Ski Touring is Truly Unique


  • Location:

    Dalvik, Iceland

  • Program:

    7 Days


  • Group Size:

    6 Guests / 1 Guide ratio

Iceland Ski Touring, It Feels Like a Different World

The Troll Peninsula in northern Iceland offers ski touring that can’t be replicated anywhere else. In the late season you can ski at any hour of the day or night under the rays of the Arctic Sun. There are non-stop runs that start from the top of a mountain and end on an ocean beach of volcanic black sand. The coastal snowpack is exceptionally stable, and combined with the lack of trees this makes route finding both low stress and filled with opportunity. If something looks interesting you can hike over and claim it as your own. There are vertical descents of up to 1500 meters (5000 feet) and slopes that range from mild to wild. You can skin to the top of a peak for a shot down narrow couloirs, or drop off the ridgeline earlier for a smooth ski down rolling terrain.

The season runs much later than most Northern Hemisphere skiing, starting in late February and running to early June. This means your ski fitness will be well developed and you can take advantage of Iceland’s spring ski touring which is a bit of a specialty. Consistently good weather, long days of constant daylight, and ego-boosting corn snow are a recipe for the trip of a lifetime. If you plan a date earlier in the winter for your Iceland backcountry skiing trip, you can trade the ever-present sun for the beauty of the Northern Lights. Winter weather in the Arctic can be exciting with little protection in the treeless landscape, but not as bitter cold as you may think with averages ranging from -4 to 2 above Celsius (20-35 degrees Fahrenheit).

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The Powder is Calling You

Iceland’s powder skiing is like a trip back in time and will inspire you with its simplicity. Even the name of the Troll Mountains conjures up thoughts of a different era, a time when epic travels across frozen landscapes were more commonplace. Make plans today to enjoy the world class ski touring that Iceland has to offer, and experience a legendary adventure.