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Whistler Ski Touring Lodge

The Whistler Ski Touring Lodge in BC’s Coast Mountains is home to spectacular summits, glaciers, and rolling forest terrain. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime backcountry ski touring as you float in endless powder, tour alpine forests, and drop into pristine untracked alpine bowls.


LOCATION: Whistler, BC
DATES: Jan – March 2020
DURATION: 3 Days / 2 Nights

Welcome to your Whistler Ski Touring Lodge experience

Our guides will navigate the terrain and select routes to suit your skill, fitness, experience and desired goals and achievements. Spend days exploring untracked Coast Mountain powder and evenings sharing the day’s adventures like-minded people around the fireplace at the Journeyman Lodge.

In the vast area of BC wilderness, the Whistler Ski Touring Lodge sits amidst rugged peaks and spectacular scenery at 4,500 ft (1,370m). The opportunities in this wilderness for ski touring are endless, as the slopes end less than half a kilometer from the door of the Whistler Ski Touring Lodge. The amenities inside the lodge are no less spectacular than the scenery outside. The Whistler Ski Touring Lodge preserves the charm and warmth of traditional alpine culture and hospitality. Featuring deluxe full-service meals, a Scandinavian sauna, hot showers and crisp linens you can recharge in old-world luxury & style.

With a consistent annual snowpack of 12 feet (365cm), the Callaghan valley is the perfect choice for a winter backcountry get away. The valley gets an annual average snowfall of 36 ft (1,097 cm), giving it the reputation as one of the wildest backcountry touring areas in the Pacific Northwest. The humid air mass from the Pacific Ocean moves inland up the inlets, across the snowfields to the mountains. The mountains push the cooling air up to the Upper Callaghan Valley.  The cold mountain temperatures turn the cooled air mass into the famous dry, light & fluffy powder British Columbia is famous for. Each snowfall creates the perfect conditions for backcountry ski touring right from the front door of the Whistler Ski Touring Lodge.

Whistler Ski Touring Lodge terrain

Whistler Ski Touring Lodge terrain

Our experienced guides focus on selecting the best experience for each client. We offer single day, or multi-day journeys in backcountry ski-touring. Every trip is designed to suit the skills and goals of the individuals or group. Powder Guides knows how and where to find best powder in the Coast Range. Whether you are starting out on alpine touring gear or looking for guidance as you advance, our guides will support and challenge you. Depending on your skill and goals we can add something unique to your backcountry ski touring such as executing traverses over ice fields, glaciers or alpine lakes and exploring the near and far. Our priority is to showcase the best ski tour possible, by actively mitigating risk and engaging you in an exhilarating backcountry experience. With huge snowfall, great terrain and the amenities of a full service lodge, the Whistler ski touring lodge provides an amazing back country ski and adventure experience.

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Only 15 minutes south of world famous ski-area Whistler and 90 minutes north of Vancouver, this incredible landscape of pristine mountain peaks, bowls and glaciers, the Whistler Ski Touring Lodge is home to your next great adventure. To book your custom Whistler Ski Touring Lodge backcountry ski tour call us today, we’ll put together the trip of a lifetime.