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Ski Season Prep

Halloween is now over and we have moved into the month of November, which means that we are just that much closer to the ski season. If you live in Colorado some resorts like Abasin, Loveland, and Wolf Creek are already open so you can start warming up your ski legs. In places further North like BC there aren’t any ski hills open yet, but the temps are cooling and rain is falling in the valley. This can only mean it is snowing up high in the mountains. It’s time to get ready for winter again! Here are some tips to get your season off to the right start!


Get Fit


Hopefully you have been trail running, biking crossfitting, and doing lots of squats all summer long, but if not there is no time like the present. You don’t want to be the one in the back struggling to breath while your legs are on fire in the beginning of the season. Spend some extra time in the gym or doing your favorite outdoor activities this month. Concentrate on your cardio and of course your legs! This will help your season start off right and help prevent injuries throughout the season.


Go to a Ski Movie Premier  


Getting fit and hitting the gym a little more often is important, but when it is pouring rain and you can’t do any of your normal outdoor activities it is easy to lose motivation. There is nothing better than a little inspiration and stoke from the newest ski movie. Get together a bunch of friends and get stoked on the upcoming season. It will inspire you to get back into the gym so that you can crush a little harder this season.


Gear Prep


Start pulling out all your gear and make sure it is in tip top shape. Get all the old spring wax off of your skis, tune the edges, and detune the tips and tails. Find your ski boots pull the liner out so your boots can start out smelling fresh. Don’t forget to make sure you have your foot beds with your boots and ready to go. Find your beacon, shovel and probe. You want to be sure your safety gear is ready to go. Put new batteries in your beacon (hopefully you didn’t leave the old batteries in there all summer). Find your skins and be sure they are cut to your skis.


Finally get STOKED and PRAY FOR SNOW !