Alaska Heli Skiing

Who hasn’t dreamed of heli-skiing in Alaska? Steep lines, open bowls perfect powder, sunshine, and unbeatable views. Alaska has it all.

Lucky for you we have searched far and wide to find the best heli-skiing lodge in Alaska. You will not only experience some of the best skiing in Alaska but also enjoy comfortable accommodation with all of the amenities. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has it all, massive tenure, A-Star helicopters, small group skiing, and an incredible lodge to come back to at the end of the day!

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge wanted to set itself apart from the other heli-skiing operations in Alaska. They didn’t want to be surrounded by other operations with helicopters buzzing by throughout the day. In order to achieve this Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is located deep in the Alaskan wilderness and only accessible by plane. There are no other heli-ski operations nearby so that you can truly enjoy what Alaska heli-skiing has to offer. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has a 1.2 million acre heli-skiing terrain giving skiers a wide range of skiing options and terrain flexibility.

The remote lodge is set on a Judd Lake with Mount McKinley as a backdrop. It doesn’t get much better than having a view of the highest mountain in North America out of your window. Tordrillo Mountain Lodge was built with heli-skiing in mind. The location of the lodge provides quick access to the incredible heli-skiing in the Tordrillo Mountain Range. This area is also known for more stable weather patterns than most other places in Alaska, which means more skiing and less down days!

Though the lodge is located in the remote Alaskan wilderness they have not sacrificed on accommodation and amenities. It is a perfect place to relax after a long day skiing in the mountains. You are able to relive the day in the comfort of your luxurious guest room or lounging by the fireplace in the lodge. There is also a massage therapist to help relax your muscles after a long day of skiing. The five-star meals, as well as a fully stocked bar and large selections of fine wine available only, make the evenings more enjoyable. It is rare in Alaska to find a place that not only has epic heli-skiing but also amenities and lodge staff that is dedicated to customer service.

Your adventure into Tordrillo Mountain Lodge begins when you are picked up from the airport in Anchorage and taken your hotel before you fly into the lodge in the morning. The heli-skiing is 7-night packages with 7 days of skiing. Let Powder Guides show you why we have chosen Tordrillo Mountain Lodge as our favorite place to heli-ski in Alaska.

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