Where and When is the best time to go heli-skiing?

When is the best time to go heli-skiing?

The answer to this question could be very different depending on the person. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect day heli-skiing. Some people enjoy the long glacier runs, while others would prefer steep trees in deep powder. Unfortunately, the weather can’t be controlled and all types of conditions are found throughout the winter. But we have compiled a guideline that we use to help people decide when and where to go heli-skiing depending on their desired conditions. Remember there is no guarantee that the weather will cooperate!

Month Location Terrain Type of Snow
December/January Kingfisher, Whistler, Bell 2 Tree Skiing, steep tree sking POWDER
February Kingfisher, Whistler, Bell 2, Ripley Creek, Tyax Lodge Mix of tree Skiing and Alpine runs Mix of powder and sunny days
March Bella Coola, Ripley Creek, Bell 2, Tyax Lodge, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland Lots of alpine skiing, with the occasional tree skiing, some steep alpine skiing More sunshine. Does not snow as much as the beginning of winter, but still having spring storms
April(Late season discounts in Canada!) Greenland, Iceland, Bella Coola, Bell 2, Ripley Creek, Tyax Lodge, Alaska Long beautiful alpine runs, steeps in the alpine Spring skiing, less down days with some spring powder
May Greenland, Iceland High alpine ski runs Spring corn skiing, blue skies, long days, warm in valley after skiing

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