Guide to traveling with Skis

Whether you are heading down to Chile to get your summertime powder fix, to British Columbia for an epic heli ski adventure, to Iceland for spring time corn skiing, or anything in between we have some travel tips to make your life a little bit easier. Don’t find yourself struggling through the airport because you haven’t mastered the art of traveling with your skis!

  1.   Get a roller bag

In the world of ski bags there are so many to choose from, but there is only one right choice. Chalk up the extra cash and get a roller ski bag. Otherwise you will find yourself sweaty dragging your skis through the airport crusing the fact that you didn’t spend the extra money on a roller ski bag. The roller bag not only makes it easy to get through the airport, but make it to your rental car, or catch the next train through the Alps. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

  1. Buy a double ski bag

The double ski bag not only gives you the option of bringing two different pairs of skis, but can double as a place to pack your soft goods. Packing your clothes around your skis will help protect them as well as keep you from having to check too many bags. If traveling with a friend or family it also gives you the option to share a ski bag so you don’t all have to carry one with you!

  1. Bring your ski boots on the plane!

Most airlines will allow you to check a boot bag for no extra charge along with your ski bag, as tempting as this may sound my advice is to keep your ski boots with you. Imagine your ski bag gets lost, but the next day there is 30 cm of fresh powder waiting for you. It is easy enough to rent a pair of skis, and borrow enough clothes to make it on the slopes, but quality ski boot rentals is an oxymoron. You will not find boots that fit like yours and wasting an epic day floundering in sub par rental boots doesn’t sound fun for anyone. Find a quality boot bag or small duffle for your ski boots. I would also recommend this is where you pack your transceiver, goggles, and a couple of other small items you don’t want to have the possibility of being damaged in a checked bag.

  1. Use your ski backpack as your other carry on

If you ski with a backpack use this as your carry on. You will be able to fit your laptop, books, toiletries, snacks,  anything else you like to bring on the plane with you.

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