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In a corner of the world dubbed “The Land of Fire and Ice” (it has both volcanoes and glaciers), northern Iceland’s landscape is not only remarkable, but also otherworldly. Don’t be surprised to get a Middle-earth vibe from the treeless valleys, lava fields and vibrant green grassy knolls; after all, Iceland was the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. However, unlike the literary theme, there is no resisting temptation here.

We’re just below the Arctic Circle in Akureyri on the mountainous Troll Peninsula (named after the Icelandic Trolls). Here, with your Powder Guides heli skiing in Iceland tour, you’ll embark on a ski adventure of discovery like no other — can you say first descents!


Experience a varied terrain that covers roughly 4,046 square kilometres. From extreme couloirs to wide-open glaciers you’ll ski next to the Artic Ocean. Sea level glistens below a 1,400-vertical-metre decent as you carve effortless turns in silky creamy corn snow from summit to shoreline. After the last run down to the ocean’s edge ( heli skiing in Iceland phenomenon that’s tough to match), we’ll relax on the beach until our A-Star B2 helicopter pickup.

Iceland’s powder dominates early in the year, the snow conditions for which heli skiing in Iceland is lauded; however, the unique spring costal snowpack that begins to transition in mid-May, is wetter, more stable — conditions conducive to skiing big steep faces with relative speed and ease. The snow begins to melt, then freezes overnight, and warms up during the day to a consistent state to create corn snow. No mush. No slush. Just joy as you slice through butter-like snow and dominate exposed lines.

For the powder hounds, there is still plenty of soft deep dry powder during March and April and the occasional powder dump until the end of June. You can expect an overall annual average of 10 metres of snow with exceptional opportunities to lay tracks on remote untouched terrain.

More than world-class Iceland heli-skiing, you’ll find the Nordic island nation both magical and cultural from the moment you arrive at the Klængshóll Lodge in Skíðadalur Valley (the Raven Hill Lodge in Ski Valley), inland from the small fishing village of Dalvik.

The converted heli-skiing lodge is an ancient sheep farm that’s been continually habited since the settlement of the Icelandic Vikings around A.D. 850. It provides a unique and authentic touchstone to your experience, as do the four luxurious traditional style cabins, each with two rooms on two floors (double occupancy). Other buildings include the spa house for rejuvenating overworked quads in the sauna, massage room or outdoor hot tub.

The reconditioned barn is the hub of après activity (you’ll have a cold Kaldi beer in hand for starters). Enjoy snacks among a wood-burning stove and a big screen (perfect for viewing the day’s vids and photos); the rustic lounge doubles as the ski/boot room and gift shop, while downward-facing dog enthusiasts gravitate to the top floor for a relaxing yoga session and/or a morning stretch class in the exercise room, easily embraced by all.

The daily menus focus on local: organic lamb, fresh fish and game meats such as goose, with great emphasis on fresh items from the region’s natural bounty. Pair locally micro brewed beer, spirits and wine with your meal or when the mood strikes, imbibe the libations on their own.

Your adventure presents an exciting blend of culture and natural wonders, unparalleled in their appeals. We’ll take road trips on down days, view the Northern Lights, and experience the midnight sun (which inadvertently gives new meaning to night skiing; a few times we’ve skied at 10 pm or later). We’ll encounter hot springs, lava fields and Viking lore, and view volcanoes. There’s a new and stirring offering at every turn — on and off your skis.

Powder Guides offers 4-day and 6-day packages with semi-private or private groups, customized for flexibility based on your preference and travel constraints. Packages are based on 2-3 groups per helicopter with up to 12 skiers in the semi-private program, and single group skiing with 4-8 guests at a time in your private program.

If you’re looking to log your own Artic heli-skiing journey, heli-skiing in Iceland is an opportunity not to be missed. Book now with Powder Guides and we’ll maximize your trip by adding any extras you desire, either in Iceland or along the way.

Let’s chat; we want to get to know you. Whatever your Iceland heli-skiing dreams — we’ll make it our mission to turn them into reality.

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